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Our Sponsored ads and posts can help accomplish your goals irrespective of your experience level or budget. You can make your brand awareness, reach the ideal audience & generate leads using Sponsored Content in the NCERT – Infrexa.

Our advertising platform is available to any business in the world within our advertising and policy guidelines. Please refer to our policy documents for more details.


The Benefits of Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are an excellent way to promote your business on the Internet. They’re also a great way to generate traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness not only in your locality but also across the globe.

Below are the benefits of the Sponsored posts –


1. Increase Traffic

If you’re looking to boost your brand’s visibility, sponsored posts are a great option. These ads appear at the top of the website pages when people land on our website following the relevant terms. This means that more people will see them than organic listings.


2. Free Backlinks

If your blog or business is very new, the search engines may ignore your hard work or give you lower impressions on search results. This prevents you from generating higher leads and Revenue.

You may work really hard but lose great potential revenue if search engines ignore you because of lower DA & PA factors.

The Sponsored Posts provide a great solution to this problem as they boost your brand awareness and increase your domain (DA) & page authority (PA) simultaneously.


3. Boost Conversions

In addition to boosting your brand’s visibility, these ads also help convert visitors into customers. That’s because they provide an incentive for users to click through to your website.


4. Save you Time and Money

If you run ads on any platform they may cost you high. They also require you to have sufficient technical skills to measure the progress of your campaign.

The process costs you higher and takes your time and effort as well. However,  NCERT Infrexa gives you these facilities at very competitive prices. In a study, our team has revealed that a customer saves more than 69% of his/her effective cost when he/she advertises with us.


5. Top on Serch results

When you buy our sponsored posts, you receive diverted traffic and conversions from our site. Apart from that, when we describe your business and publish the related page on google, it is most likely to rank under the top 10 of the major search engines like Google and Bing.

When a customer searches for your business or relates queries on Google, your content is seen on the search results and there is a high chance of users interacting with your business organically.

Even though we pay thousands of dollars in SEO tools & services, we offer this service forever free for you until you request a modification.


6. They Help You Build Trust

If you’re looking to build trust with your audience, sponsored posts are a great option. These ads allow you to connect with people who might not otherwise visit your site. And when you do so, you’ll earn more credibility and authority in your industry.


7. Flexible to any Business

Sponsored posts are an excellent way to promote any type of business. Whether you sell products or services, sponsored posts can help you reach new customers and generate leads.


Why do you choose our sponsored posts?

You should choose us because of the following reasons –

SEO Empowered Content

Sponsored Post creates no value for the advertiser if it is not ranked on Google. Your Guest or Sponsored post should make organic impressions on google to build your brand base stronger.

We work primarily for Google as it covers almost 96% share of the Search Engine market. Once the content begins organic impressions on Google, we again optimize it to boost the CTR and conversion to reach your expectation.


Priority to User Intent

To satisfy the intent of the advertiser, we review the content not only at the time of publishing but also from time to time. We also check for new opportunities with our SEO Tools and optimize the page for search engines so that it can best rank on Google.


Assured Quality and Satisfaction

We have more than 100 million impressions on search results monthly. The major traffic comes from your country. We have a strong visitor base with an increasing day-by-day record.

Our 1 millions+ monthly organic visitors may notice your business not only from the top of our website but also from the search engines.

Infrexa has almost 100k+ happy users, as we have a 7 days easy refund policy for customers. We request our customers to please check our terms and conditions carefully before buying our Sponsored Posts.

There are some examples of our sponsored posts –

Value for Money 

We offer free SEO Optimization for your posts so that they can rank well on Google.

Our Sponsored posts have a great solution for any business. They are suitable for large, medium and small enterprises, so why are you waiting? Just submit a request and we will take care of all your marketing obstacles.


Quality Guidelines for Guest Posts

Before you purchase Sponsored or Guest Post tokens, please ensure that you have fully read and understood our quality guidelines given on this page here.

If your Post or Topic falls under the restricted category, we will not be able to publish your post. All the amounts paid for the service (s) will be refunded automatically after some necessary deductions like (Currency conversion charges, Bank and Payment Gateway charges, and Service Tax on payment)

All refunds shall be initiated within 7 working days.


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Please note: Once you submit a request, an expert from our team will contact you as soon as possible. Our team will construct a page and describe your business features on it. Learn more

Then, the page is then published which will remain a lifetime on Google and for one month on the top of our site’s home page. If you want to keep it on our site’s Home page for a longer period you will occur some charges additionally.


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